Science Museum, London, U.K.

There are so many things to see and explore at Science Museum, London . It is a great family day out. Kids can easily spend an afternoon here. I wish we can have more time so that we can explore the place a bit more.

There are lots of exhibitions to see.

J said this lorry looks like Elizabeth the diesel lorry in Thomas and Friends cartoon.

We love this cut-into-half car.

Pattern Pod is a good place for kids to play. There are different activities suitable for toddlers and older kids.

J created this lovely pattern on the computer screen.
Driverless cars

We went to The Garden for J to play. I read on their website it has various sensory play.

The play area is small and packed with people.

There are some activities for toddlers to explore.

Inside this tipper is a small hide out place.
There are very small amount of soft blocks to play with in here.

The water station area is small and packed with kids and their parents (around 4pm on Tuesday 30 July)

Literally PACKED with people

We stayed in The Garden for 30-45 minutes then we went to other places to explore.

We had some ice cream here.
Black coconut flavour. It’s very yummy.
I share the Strawberry with J.

After a little break we went to see the planes.

Although we enjoyed our time at the museum, but there are a few things which put me off quite a bit.

  • I don’t understand why they put the heater on in the cafe (Energy Cafe, on the upper floor)! It’s summer!
  • Long queue waiting for the drinks at the Energy Cafe. And they just make the coffee and let people take them without checking if they really ordered the coffee.
  • Food trays and leftover food were everywhere in the cafe. Half way through eating my meal I then started to see one staff clearing them up at slow speed.
  • Toilets were dirty.
  • Visitors left behind food packaging and coffee cups in a lot of places.

Extra stuff:

  • There are lots of people so watch your kids
  • There are waterproof aprons provided at The Garden for the kids to play at the water station.

Science Museum


Exhibition Road,

South Kensington,

London, SW7 2DD

Fee: Free of charge

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