Peppa Pig Counting Busy Bag

I love saving packaging materials and turn them into something fun and interesting for the kids to play and learn.  So over the next few weeks I am going to start a new project on reusing recycling materials to make some busy bags #playwithrecyclingmaterials .

I have a lot of spare stickers from some sticker books which my son no longer interested in. I made some of them into magnets (see previous post), and I used some to make a simple counting busy bag as a free gift for my Facebook customers.

It is so simple to make. All you need is some cardstock paper and some stickers and markers to write. I saved up a lot of cards from various packages. Simply stick the stickers on one set of the cards, and write the numbers on the other set. You can also laminate them for durability.

I like to make it on plain cards because I want the kids to focus on counting the stickers and the numbers. The cards are big enough for little hands to hold, and the writing is big, nice and clear, to catch their eyes.

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