We have a dining table!

The house we rented is unfurnished. Since we moved in we have been sitting on the floor (J sits on the suitcases) to have to have our meals.

Today Ikea delivered the furniture we bought online. Mr. B assembled the dining table and the chairs.



We also bought a larger fridge/freezer from Currys (delivered on 31 December 2020) because the one provided in the house is an undercounter one which is too small for us. It was an old one anyway and we worried that it couldn’t keep things cool enough.

The original one (used condition) that the landlord provided did not cool down even when we had it on for overnight. So we told the agency and the lady replaced her mum’s old fridge (which she was going to give to charity) for us. So since then we have been using the replaced one.

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