More on Bilingual Visual Schedule Chart

When I designed it I didn’t know it would worked THAT well on J.

A few days ago, I added a section of “Don’t Forget”, “Well done” and “Responsibilities” next to his Daily Visual Schedule . This new section acts like a reminder for the things I would like him to remember / improve on.

I sat down with him and talked about why I wanted him to work on certain things. For example, as he is older now it would be more polite to eat with cutlery. It is also more hygiene especially under the current pandemic situation.

There are quite a number of stuff I want him to improve to be honest. But I did not fill up the chart with all the cards. I think it is really important to work on a few at a time.

Two days after I put up the new charts I found he was improving already.

He chose warm clothings to go out in the wood. He told me he also remembers to wear layers for insulation.

Look what I found in the morning after breakfast! Dishes in the sink.

In the past I had to remind him several times to do things.

Now no more nagging.

J told me he looks at the chart every so often to remind him what to do. He said he works hard so that the cards can move to the Well Done house (exact quote).

These charts are part of my FULL VERSION Daily Visual Schedule chart for kids , which can be purchased from my Etsy shop .

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