Histon on the green funfair summer 2021

Today we went to see the funfair at Histon. It was Julian’s second time to visit a funfair. His first was in Hong Kong which was big with lots of different rides. He did to like it because 1) he found it too noisy, and 2) he was scared of most of the rides.

We knew this one in Histon would be small because we knew The Green is small 🙂 I was happy that J managed to try a few, but he could only do it with me. We tried the maze in a house, Ferris wheel, the inflatable boat, and Hook on the Duck game.

This is the maze in a house. It’s very small so couldn’t really take many pictures.

J loved the inflatable boat. It’s not rough with no noisy sound.

Overall it’s a fun experience for us.

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