Norfolk Field Trip

This is Day 1 of our Norfolk trip Summer 2021.

My plan:

Day 1 – Visit the seaside (Sheringham -> East & West Runton -> Cromer), learn about sea erosion and rock pooling

Day 2 – Bewiderwood

We arrived at Sheringham in the morning. The weather was quite nice but strong wind. We started our walk along the beach.

Before the trip we studied a few PowerPoints and watched some BBC videos about how waves are formed, coastal erosion, coastal protection, rock pooling… J was amazed and excited when he saw the things we learnt about. The cliffs, groynes, seawalls… the fossils we found, the anemones , the little crabs in various rock pools… All these, right in front of his eyes, where he can see them, feel them, and smell them. He was very messy at the end of the day, sand on his hair, his trousers and socks were completely wet. Lukcily I brought him a pair of wellies!

We learnt a lot today AND had loads of fun!

+++ I put up a list of teaching materials that I used in this blog post . +++

Here we saw various seashore protections.

J exploring.

For lunch we went to Joyful West Shellfish Bar to get some takeaways. We had a prawn sandwich, a crab sandwich, and a fresh crab without dressing (as I want to try the original taste of the crab meat). The food was delicious and fresh.

After lunch we drove to another beach to play.

We found these:

We also saw quite a number of anemones.

Love the views.

We saw some interesting things: (click on the pictures to read my captions)

It’s time for dinner!

We drove to another beach, Cromer, as our last stop for today and got some dinner.

There were long queues of people waiting for food EVERYWHERE! We went to a few restaurants / fish & chips shops and all packed with people. Finally we decided to queue at this one for some fish & chips. Generous portions. Tasty especially the onion rings.

J and Mr. B wanted an ice cream but the shop closes at 8pm, so after we got our fish & chips we went to get the ice creams first and had them as our “Starter”.

After dinner, we walked around the town.

The views were beautiful. 8:30pm.

J sleeps early so he rarely sees sun set. He was really excited to see it today.


Norfolk Field Trip

Places we visited:

  1. Sheringham
  2. West Runton
  3. Cromer

Car parks:

We parked at the Pay & Display car parks. There are quite a number of them in the areas we visited.



Joyful West’s Shellfish Bar

Address: High Street, Sheringham NR26 8JP England

Tel: 01263 825444


(It doesn’t have a website. I found it on Trip Advisor)


Mary Janes Fish & Chips Cromer

Address: 27-29 Garden Street, Cromer, Norfolk NR27 9HN England

Tel: 01263 511208


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