The Suffolk Show 2022

Today we were at The Suffolk Show in Ipswich. It ran on two days and we went on the second because the weather was not stable on the first day (I checked!). Glad I did because the weather on the second day was so much better.

There was a huge queue going into the car park of the venue. When we arrived there were already A LOT of cars.

We had lunch first. We bought hot dogs and pasta from the hot stalls. Food was yummy and fresh.

After lunch we started to explore the place. It looked huge and there were so many people.

We went to see some rabbits.

Had a quick look at the chicken stall.

Also went to see some bees in a box. We were taught how to find the queen bee. There were also displays on honey and other bee related products.

Then we listened briefly to this gentleman talking about working as a modern farmer using the latest machineries.

Off road 4×4 experience.

You can pay and ride on one of these, to experience the specially created course which was designed to showcase the skills of the drivers and what these cars can achieve over a series of challenging dips, hills and ramps.

We visited some stalls selling handmade soaps, candles, painting, decorations etc. After that J had an ice cream and we had some coffees.

Had a quick look at Ipswich Football Club. Also saw the vintage football kits and how the materials changed over time.

Morrison Supermarket had a stall about bread. The little ones can learn to make a cute bread dough (but you cannot take home). J chose to make a little hedgehog.

We were in awe of these strong guys from Clwyd Axemen ! They demonstrated wood chopping and sawing. The spring board tree climb (last picture) was really skilful and challenging!

We saw some rescue vehicles including police dog unit, the Blood Runners, vintage vs modern ambulance and fire engine and many more. A fire fighter showed us the back of his fire engine where the water pipes are located. He explained to us some of the challenges he came across during the rescue services, and that they are often called out for help by the paramedics to carry heavy patients. It was really interesting to listen from the front line.

We also watched a demonstration of how police dogs work with police officers to catch bad guys (We were very far from the dogs, these were the best pictures).

There were MANY different vehicles on display. These are just the tip of an iceberg.

Just as we were thinking “what shall we do next?” we saw a huge crowd of people moving towards an area and that there was an announcement about a show was going to start and you wouldn’t want to miss it! At that moment we still did not know what was going on but decided to stay and see. Later on found out that there would be 13 people from the Red Devils Army Parachute Display Team doing parachute jumping into the Grand Ring.

It was breathtaking.

Red Devils Army Parachute Display Team Facebook page (scroll to the post about the Suffolk Show) has some beautiful pictures of the jumps (Remember to see the pictures in the comments too).

Then the parade marched in the Grand Ring.

Just as we were all immersing into the show the thick grey clouds gathered in the sky and it started to rain. This was the only time it rained today. I was glad to choose to visit on the second day. The First day rained several times.

After the show we walked around the place to see what else can we see. Most of the stalls were already closed and starting to pack up. We had seen a lot but I guess there was still 1/4 we haven’t visited (Military Zone, Sports Village, sandpit, children’s play…. )

As we were looking for the exit to our car park we came across the horse relay and we watched a bit. Again, it was our first time and we found it exciting.

When we arrived it was PACKED with cars. We stayed until it’s almost closed.

Overall it was a wonderful whole day out. There was so much to see and do for everyone in the family. Plenty of food stalls scattered around.


The Suffolk Show

Address: Felixstowe Rd, Ipswich IP3 8UH


Car park: Plenty of free parking spaces available on site (We arrived at 11am and there were already a lot of cars parked on several huge green fields.)

Toilets: Several scattered in the venue

Ticket price: The following info is for 2022 only.

Early bird ticket prices are available up to midnight on Saturday 21 May: Adult admission £26.50, Senior Citizen (65+) £20.50, Young Person (15-18 inclusive) £7.50, Car Parking and under 15’s go free.

From Saturday 21 May to Midnight on Tuesday 31 May and if purchased online on the show days: Adult admission £28.50, Senior Citizen (65+) £23.00, Young Person (15 – 18 inclusive) £9.50, Car Parking and under 15’s go free.

Tickets are valid for either day.


Lunch: We bought food in some of the food stalls in the venue. There were plenty and many varierty scattered around.

Dinner: Frankie & Benny’s

We leave until the show almost closed. Frankie & Benny’s is just 5 minutes drive.

Address: 5 Edith Cook Way, Nacton Rd, Ipswich IP3 9GX


Opening hours: Please check their website for the latest updates on their opening hours.

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