Freebie – Make Your Own Magic Wand DIY kit

Here’s a lovely little DIY kit that your little one can make. You can download the star templates for FREE from my Google Drive: which include an instruction of how to make it.

I kept the instructions fairly simple with pictures so your little ones (around 6 years old +) can read and make it themselves. Younger children might need help from parents or caregivers.

Perfect for party bag or stocking fillers.

The equipment you need are

  • glue (or tape)
  • scissors
  • colouring pencils or markers (or stickers or any other things your little ones would like to decorate with)
  • paper for printing the stars (I print out and cut the star and trace it on the back of a strong packaging material with a nice blank space, so the stars are sturdy and make good use of recycling materials)
  • paper for making the stick (I used A4 rough paper)
  • tissue paper (or ribbons or just any coloured paper)

The magic wand is not only for girls. My son decorated it as Creeper (from Minecraft).

🎉 If you are planning a kids birthday party and is looking for some party favours other than sweets and small plastic toys, I am happy to sponsor a maximum of 10 of these Make your own Magic Wand DIY kits for free. Please note: Due to the nature of the product I cannot post them. I am happy to deliver them to the following villages in Cambridge (Histon, Impington, Girton, and Oakington).

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