Learn counting numbers with clothespins and popsicles – $75 postage included

NOTE: I have now moved to England and the price stated here no longer applies.  Please kindly email me at happymindswithbusma@gmail.com if you would like a set or have any questions. March 2023

Learn counting numbers with clothespins and popsicles – Educational and fun busy bag for toddler and preschooler – $75 postage included

This busy bag targets the skills of counting and number recognition of 1-10, and practice fine motor skills.

💡There are many ways to play with this set:

1) Clip the correct amount of clothespins onto the corresponding popsicles
2) Mix up the number popsicles and ask your little one to put them in order
3) Lay out the number popsicles in front of your little one, you call out a number in random, and ask him/her to find it. And clip the right amount of clothespins on it.
4) Lay out the popsicles in order, take away one, and see if your little one can spot which number is missing.

✔️Great for work on number counting, number recognition, subitizing, memory. Your little ones are strengthening their hand muscles and using their concentration to open and close the clothespins so this set is superb for fine motor skills.

What is included:
– 11 wooden popsicles with number stickers
– 55 wooden clothespins (size is aound 4.5cm long)

Please note:
– This is NOT a commercially available product / activity that you buy from a toy shop. All stickers on the popsicles were hand stuck by my myself.
– The popsicles and clothespins may vary in colour from those shown in the photos.



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