Using leftover paper strips to make simple Maths activities

I was working on a new project and I had to cut out some paper. I saved up all the leftover paper for jotting notes. Then I suddenly had an idea to make something for J.

I made 2 activities out of these leftover paper.

1) Simple counting
I would like J to work on counting bigger numbers because most of the time he forgot which ones he counted and he lost count! 😅

So I simply make some holes with a hole punch along the piece of paper, and wrote 3 numbers for J to choose the correct answer. It’s something different from the counting activities he used to play with.

2) Subsitising
I drew dots and tally marks for J to work on subsitising. I also wrote out the numbers in English and Chinese on some stickers for him to match up.

These activities are super simple to make, and doesnt need any special tools. They will be great for travelling or waiting in a restaurant because they are just stripes of paper so easy to just carry them in your bag.

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