Domino game cards – community helpers – $47 postage included

Domino game cards – community helpers 👮🏼👷🏼 – $47 postage included

What they are learning WHILE having fun:
– Vocabulary of various community helpers
– Physical skills such as dexterity, hand and eye coordination, and visual discrimination as your little one look at the cards, pick up and place them next to the other matching cards
– concentration
– understanding and following rules – as your little one start playing games with other children, he or she will soon see that it’s no fun if someone does not follow the rules and would ruin the game
– practice soical skills in a fun way – taking turns, play the game together with others, winning and losing gracefully

What is included:
– 24 cards, all laminated, each measures approximately 14cm x 6cm.

I made a set on Sports too, details can be found here

Please note:
– This is NOT a commercially available product / activity that you buy from a toy shop. The activity is designed by me. All cards were made by my myself where I designed, printed and laminated them.
– Cards are water resistant but should not be immersed in water.




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