Hong Kong Children’s Discovery Museum

Today we are at the Hong Kong Children’s Discovery Museum in North Point.


I am so happy to have something like this in Hong Kong. Hands on activities and play based learning.

J loves the Water Table area and the Tree House.

πŸ’§Water Table:

There are various items to play with and explore. We spent the longest time here because it was so fun. There is a water slide for the “boat” to slide down. You can play toy blocks in the water ( I mean how often do you let your kids play those in the water in the house?). There are water gates with different holes and you can use those as traps or tracks and explore what would those do to the water. There are many other things to play and explore with water.

The water slide
The Water Table


He loves playing with these water traps / gates. They can be placed into the grey slots easily by young kids.




These blue handles have different holes for the kids to explore how do they affect the water
Playing toy blocks in the water


🌲Tree House (designed for 5-10 years old):

J also loves the tree house, climbing up and down the different routes, practicing his balance and gross motor skills. Once you are up in the tree house you would find a few insects in the specimen boxes.

There are 2 routes to go up the Tree House. This is one of them.
Kids can also climb up from here.




There are many other activities we like too.

Energy Saving game:
Learning about energy saving πŸ’‘ by the light switches game. You have to switch off all the electrical appliancesπŸ”‹πŸ”Œ in the house (on the wall) so the energy you saved can be used to power the disco light and music 😁. Lots of kids love playing this game because you have to be very fast to switch off the appliances before they’re switched on again. The kids then love to dance when the music is on.

The bottle lid wall:
Using the different coloured bottle lids to build patterns and pictures on the wall which is connected to some back light. It makes a beautiful contrast with the coloured lids.



Exploring insects and materials using various tools:

There is a huge cabinet with lots of drawers labelled and you can open these drawers and look at the items that belong to that category (shape, colour, texture). So you would find a twig in the drawer labelled “forest” for example.

There are various things you can do with these items. You can write a report about it using the paper provided by describing what it feels like and where would you expect to find it etc. You can also measure its length and weight by using the ruler and the scale. You can also study the item in more details by using the magnifying glasses πŸ”Ž and the microscope.


You can open any of the drawers here.
Kids are allowed to touch anything they found.


Tinkering Lab:
This room has a lot of mini stations including building stuff with screws and bolts, painting on the window, exploring mirrors with various items, building huge tracks on the magnetic wall etc…

Exploring the mirror

All the tracks and wheels are moveable, so the kids can build their own tracks

You can build your own contraption using recycle materials e.g. rough paper, string etc to see if it can fly in the wind

This is fun.

Story stage:
Near the entrance is an area where you can learn about making a story, from setting the scenes and storyboard, to dressing up in costumes and making puppet show. There is also a real time studio where the kids can pretend to report the news for example, and the parents can watch it on the TV monitor.

There is a play area for kids under 3.

Transportation theme

Hong Kong Children’s Discovery Museum

Address: 1/F, China United Centre, 28 Marble Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Phone: No phone number available, you may contact them through e-mail info@childrensdiscoverymuseum.hk

Extra info:

  1. Kids need to take off their shoes when they are in the Tree House area, so please wear socks. For kids under 5 years old, they need to be accompanied by an adult in the Tree House, so please bring / wear socks too if you have younger kids.
  2. Staff members are super nice, friendly and polite.
  3. Great toilet facilities.
  4. Lockers are available but need a $5 coin (refundable).
  5. Aprons are available for water play and painting but better bring extra clothes.
  6. Superb location, very close to North Point MTR station (5mins walk)
  7. The restaurants in Marble Road are not very suitable for kids because the food they serve is not too healthy (in my opinion). I usually take J to Aqua Deli, a restaurant situated in King’s Road (the main road in North Point), which is just 5 mins walk from HKCDM.

I highly recommend this place. We look forward to visit again. Let’s play, explore, and learn!


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  1. This looks like such a great place for kids! They can interact and learn so much and have fun! I need to find something like this in my area for when my daughter gets older.

  2. I think it’s so great to have places like this for kids to get out and experience so many different things! I can’t wait to have my own kids one day, but I love bringing my niece to interactive places. I also love Hong Kong so I can’t wait to bring my family there one day. πŸ™‚

  3. Wow, this an amazing and fun place to learn! I am going to definitely recommend this to my students when they go to Hong Kong (I live in Japan, so it is easy to go there).

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