Beverly Garden Playground in Tseung Kwan O

Hidden away in Beverly Garden (富康花園) is a relatively small (compared to other newly built in the area) playground.  The reason why it is worth for me to write about it is because of the play structure, the wooden slope.  We have been to quite a lot of playground and it is not very common to find this wooden slope (I’ve seen one in the Elements playground).

It is a very simple structure; some wooden planks joined together to form a slope, and a chain is attached in the middle.  I have seen it being very popular to children of all ages.  For toddlers they love to explore going up and down the slope.  For preschoolers, they love holding the chain and challenge themselves going up and down.  For young school kids (like J), they found it satisfying by walking (or even running) up and down without holding on the chain.  It is very stable and the slope is not steep at all.

The two balancing poles in the playground are also very popular with school kids.  One is like a bridge with a flat surface.  The other one is a slope and the kids have to walk on the pole instead of a flat surface, which is a fun challenge!

I am going to talk about the other bigger popular playgrounds in the area in my next few posts.

Extra info:

  1. Although the playground is inside Beverly Garden, but everyone can play.
  2. There is no on-site toilet.  The nearest toilet I would recommend is the one in Tong Ming Street Park (see map below).  Do NOT go to the toilets in Sheung Tak shopping mall, they are super dirty and very stinky!
  3. The playground is quite clean, with a few benches to sit and rest.
  4. It gets very busy after 4pm during weekdays.
Marked in RED is the Beverly Garden playground.


this is the wooden slope.
One of the balancing bridges.  It is safe.  The bridge does not move, it is securely attached to the play structure.  There are bars on the side for kids to hold on to (Toddlers and preschoolers might not be able to hold yet)
J also loves going on this.  The pole does not move, same as the bridge, with bars on the side to hold.


Beverly Garden (富康花園)

Address: 1 Tong Ming Street, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

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