Behind the scene

Today I would like to share a bit of my work.

I handmade all the products myself.

It includes tremendous amount of work. The followings are the typical steps in making card games:

1) Initial design of the activity on the computer, which takes the most time of all. It involves a lot of changes on font sizes and cliparts. I have to print out copies to see how it looks like. Amend if needed.

2) Cut the paper into appropriate size.

3) Laminate. This lamininator is not very good, it takes 2 times to roll out a flat piece of paper.

4) If I cannot find the right laminating pouches I would need to laminate several pieces of paper in one pouch, and then cut them out

5) The corners of a cut laminated card / paper are very sharp so I use a corner cutter to smooth the corners.

6) Final check of my product

7) I pack the card games with bubble wrap and post it.

So, each step takes time. I design the products myself, I make them myself, I pack them myself, I post them myself.

Handmade products are really different from the ones made with machines and moulds in factories.


Shop small and make a real person smiles.

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