Making little Xmas presents for the little ones

How I love using simple tools to make learning activities for the little ones to learn and play.

These are small and easy to carry around . Great for waiting for food in a restaurant, travelling in the MTR / plane etc.

Rubber stamps: handcrafted by 蓋哪手工印章 wherecover

Learning is fun and inexpensive.

#screenfree is easy!

Shop small and make a real person smiles.

7 Comments on “Making little Xmas presents for the little ones

  1. I love the reminder that simple is often better and more enjoyable for us and our children.

  2. We just had a simple learning experience with dice over here at my house. It made math that much more fun for my seven-year-old.

  3. I used to do things like this when I was teaching. Learning without a screen can be so much more fun and engaging!

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