William Den

Today we are at William Den. It was raining quite heavily when we arrived. My parents were worried but I told them there is an indoor play area too.

We first went to have lunch at their restaurant.

The famous wood fired oven

I ordered a pizza to share with my husband.

J had baked beans and bacon on toast, plus a strawberry milkshake (made with fresh strawberry ice cream). TTo us, the bacon was too salty and the milkshake was too sweet.

Full English breakfast for my parents to share.

Luckily after lunch it stopped raining, and we went outside to explore.

I was so excited to see the huge space.

You can walk across these woods.
Climbing rocks
Swings made with tyres

J was so excited to see this.

You can use the sticks and planks to build the dens.

Then it started raining again so we went inside to play. It’s not a huge space but there are many things to explore. There is sand and water for sensory play. There are lots of climbing areas for gross motor skills.

Adults are also allowed to go on it.

Love the tree house.

The climbing area is super fun and safe.

Water play area

J loved the sand pit. He spent a very long time playing with the sand.

There is storytelling by the staff here at certain times of the day.

We went back outside when it stopped raining.

Love it!

William’s Den is truely a wonderful place for kids. The facilities are excellent, the climbing materials are high quality , safe and strong. There are quiet activities such as sand and water play. There are adventurous ones like climbing on the net.

I must come back again with J.

Extra stuff:

  • William’s Den closes at 7pm on Fridays. It was a coincidence that we went there on a Friday and we could enjoy more time there.
  • There are buckets and spades and other tools for both the indoor and outdoor sandpits.
  • Bring extra clothes for your kids to change.
  • Excellent toilet facilities and baby changing rooms.

William’s Den

(Please refer to their website for the most updated info).

Price list:


William’s Den
Castle Farm,
Wold Hill,
North Cave
East Riding Of Yorkshire
HU15 2LS

Phone: 01430 472230
E-mail: hello@williamsden.co.uk

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