Mudchute Park and Farm, London, U.K.

We visited Mudchute Park and Farm today. It is one of the London farms and it’s only 15 minute drive from our house.

We enjoyed it a lot and were very excited to see the animals.

We first had lunch at Mudchute Kitchen, a family run cafe in the farm. The home-cooked food was very nice. The salmon and prawn pasta that my parents had was yummy. My husband loved his Canadian breakfast especially the banana cake.

After lunch we started to explore the farm.There is a stable next to the cafe. we took a look at the small animals.

Picnic area

We then went to visit the bigger animals.

This path to see the horses in the field. sceneries.


Love the sign!

We had a little break after the walk.

We were just in time to enjoy this strawberry and cream ice cream before the cafe closes.
The cafe closes at 3pm on Tues – Fri.

It’s very rare for us to be able to get so close the a lamb. came to see the goats again. got to see these llamas to walk around.

Extra stuff:

  • If you live in England do check out their website as they offer educational programmes.
  • They also have a nursery and after school clubs for kids to join.
  • Throughout the year there are various activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Mudchute Park and Farm

(Please check their website for the most updated info)


Mudchute Park & Farm
Pier Street
Isle of Dogs
London E14 3HP

Opening times:

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