Hobbledown, Epsom, U.K.

Today we are at Hobbledown, Epson, England.

At the entrance there is a big bubble machine, making bubbles all the time. All the kids loved it.

Just outside the restaurant there is an open space with different activities going on at different times of the day. When we went past the area it was giant bubbles making time.

bad picture but there’s suppose to be a tortoise inside.

There’s another tortoise hiding in the tunnel / shade.

Beautiful weather

This is where the horse hang out.

Towards the end of the park is the Adventure playground. It is quite big with lots of wooden play structures, ideal for adventure seeking children.

There are little tunnels to explore.

There are various areas to play with the sand.

This is the sandpit.

https://youtu.be/1nifPMd9_Vkhttps://youtu.be/AQFuPg-L_ecThis is another part of the adventure playground.

There is

J loved the underground tunnels. I went down with him. Some parts of the tunnels are pitch dark, some with some light.It was fun. We explored all 7 tunnels.

https://youtu.be/3ONmqKtx3fwThese gigantic trampolines were super fun and super bouncy!

Later on we went back to the sandpit. Some kids told J that there was a water jet and they were playing with the water. It was really nice to play with water under such hot weather.

Love this.

There were so busy digging

We still had about 1.5hrs before the closing time so we went to the indoor play area to explore. It is right next to the cafe.

It’s not big but there are various areas for different ages to play.

There is also a soft play area

Extra stuff:

  • On the day we went there (Wednesday afternoon before the summer holiday started) was fairly quiet.  We were able to enjoy everything at our own pace which was great!
  • The outdoor and indoor areas are very clean.
  • But the toilets (Wednesday afternoon) were very dirty.
  • The hot food at the cafe tasted just OK.



Hobbledown Children’s Farm

Horton Lane, Epsom, Surrey

KT19 8PT


(Please always check their website for the most updated info)

Ranging from £10-16 for children aged 2-17 and £9-15 for adults. They have different prices at different times of the day. Please refer to the chart below.

Opening hours:

(Please always check their website for the most updated info)

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