Animal School learning cards – HKD40

Learn visual discrimination and counting with my Animal School learning cards.

There are 2 “schools”, one with a 2×2 grid (easy level), and one with a 2×3 grid (more challenging level).

How to play:

1. Matching up

Randomly place 4 animals in the school and ask your kid to find the same ones.

2. Memory game

You can also play memory game with these animal cards. Increase the number of cards to challenge your kid.

3. Counting

The cards can be used for counting too (see pictures below).

What you will get:

Animal cards – 2R size, x 24 cards

Animal schools – A4 size, x 2

Please note:
– This is NOT a commercially available product / activity that you buy from a toy shop. The activity is designed and made by me.
– The cards are laminated for durability.
– The cards are not designed to be put in the mouth.
– No preparation required, except giving directions
– No batteries required đŸ™‚

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