Colour Matching Tray


Whenever I see some nice food containers I would collect them to make things for the kids to play and learn.

I like this container in particular because it has 10 compartments which I love to use it as a 10 frame for Maths work.

To make this colour matching tray, I used my leftover paper and coloured dot stickers to make some cards. You can also use coloured cards or colour some plain white cards with colours.

To set up the game, simply lay out several cards in front of your child. You can start by 4 cards in 1 row, gradually increasing the number of cards and rows, to challenge your kid.

You can give some small items such as pom pom or toy bricks and let your little one to put them into the corresponding compartment.

You can also use the tray as a 10 frame to do Maths work as mentioned above.

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