PRINTABLE – Bilingual (Traditional Chinese and English) Restaurant Pretend Play


I would like to share with you my latest printable that I designed and created for my son.

It is a restaurant pretend play printable. It has a wide variety of food and drinks with both English and Chinese words. Each item has a price so your kid can practice addition and money sense while playing.

I put mine in a plastic pouch (purchased from Once Upon a Babe )so can be reused.

You can purchase it from my  👉🏻 Etsy Shop 👈🏻

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, there is a Contact Me form at the bottom of the webpage.

2 Comments on “PRINTABLE – Bilingual (Traditional Chinese and English) Restaurant Pretend Play

  1. Many thanks for this free printable. My son enjoys this a lot. I washed some real coins, draw a credit card and a octopus card to set up his cashier. So he can get to know the value of the coins and do math with them too..

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