Upcycle used envelopes to fun learning activity

I have MANY envelopes that I collected over the years from different mails. I did not throw them away. Now I finally think of something to use them!

I made a simple match up activity. It is super easy to make.

1. I cut open an envelope (any size is ok).

2. Depends on what you want your kid to practice (or example, recognising uppercase and lowercase letters), you write the letters on the empty space inside the envelope

3. Write the corresponding (for example) lowercase letters on some stickers


I designed a similar one on “number bond to 10” for my son to learn and play, and he loved it so much that he kept asking me to make more.

This activity is versatile. It can be alphabets, numbers, colours, shapes… See pictures below for some ideas.

Once again, I am so happy that I turn some useless materials into something useful and fun for kids to play and learn.

I hope you like it.

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