Weekend stroll in the neighbourhood

We walked to the Post Office this afternoon with J and Mr.B .

Look at this beautiful view




Then we went to explore the muddy pathway that I promised J to go last week. It would lead us to a wood area.

Unfortunately there was quite a big puddle of water obstructing our way. So we will go again next time.

J exploring the muddy pathway which he has been looking forward to
Huge puddle from the heavy rain


Then Mr. B went home. Me and J carried on doing some more exploring of the other part of the Recreation Ground.

Beautiful relaxing view
J happily running around

He was very excited to discover this part of the wood area. He kept telling me that we have to come back with better equipment to explore more.

I must bring my 5D to take more pictures


After dinner when I was washing dishes J picked up a Waitrose newspaper and started reading out the titles and some of the articles.

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