Free printable – Vocabulary graphic organiser

The schools in England are closed for most of the students. J stays home and has lessons using Microsoft Teams. The teachers recorded videos so we can watch them at our own pace. We have to do assignments everyday and upload them onto Teams.

I noticed J uses very few vocabularies in his writing. I was surprised with the amount of story books we read together he couldn’t seem to remember or be able to use them in his writing.

So I designed a little worksheet where he can record down the words that would be useful or new words that he comes across and understand more about them.

I taught J to use a dictionary to look up the information.

I also introduced online dictionary as an alternative source. I love Cambridge Dictionary. If we are not sure about the pronunciation we can listen to it.

So now when we read a story together we would jot down the words on a piece of paper and find out more about them using a dictionary and the worksheet.

(We were reading The World’s Worst Children 1 by David Walliam .)

I made one too.

Now available to download for free during this coronavirus period.

Happy learning.

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