Book recommendation – The Quest for the Crystal

It is half term in England. We do lessons from Oak National Academy everyday. We also have more time to read. J is reading The Quest for the Crystals again .

It is a game book where you (the reader) can choose how the story goes. When we first got the book, I explained to J how to read it. It was the first time he came across this kind of book. He’s very excited he can participate in making the decisions and the ending is always different.

I read the book with him. When there are words that we don’t know we use the dictionary and my vocabulary sheet to jot down the meaning. I learnt some new words too.

The vocabulary worksheet activity is going very well. We have been jotting down quite a lot of vocab since then. Now we are building a mini dictionary. Sometimes I see J takes out the “dictionary” and read it by himself.

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