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Apart from the school videos as J’s standard virtual lessons at home, some of the parents from his school also recommend Oak National Academy , so a few days ago I watched some of their videos first before letting J to watch them, and they are great. The teachers are professional with happy cheerful voice. They use various approaches to teach the subject. The teaching materials are nicely set out with different activities for the kids to learn.

So far we are having the following lessons: English, Maths, and drama.

Oak National Academy:

There are different ways to start the lessons. I chose J’s year group and then the subject that I would like him to learn.

The subjects available:

This is English. J is doing the first one where he learns about expanded noun phrases (which was one of the topics from his school; great way to reinforce the stuff he learnt), retrieving information (again, one of his school topics), and describing things (which he is not very good at).

This is Maths. There are many topics to choose from. I let J to watch the ones on shapes which is the same topic as his school.

I also let him to do drama. This is one of the activities that I really like him to try out because he is always full of expressions and confidence. I think he will enjoy it. And it turns out he really like it. He was very excited and doing what the teacher taught him to do.

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