Not-so-perfect Banoffee Pie

I love banoffee pie very much. I could not find one in the supermarkets. I have not tried the local bakeries yet. One day it came to my mind that maybe I could make one myself.

I found a very simple recipe online.

I let J to do most of the parts. I did the final touches.

I flattened the biscuit crumbs further before sending it to the fridge.

I used ready made caramel to minimise the chance of destroying my dessert !

He was cutting and eating at the same time.

We added ready made whipped cream as I did not think i can beat the cream and sugar myself.

Looked ok before I put it in the fridge.

One hour later….

It turned out the whipped cream would melt even in the fridge. Well I really did not know that! So it looked like a mess.

But luckily it tasted delicious. I was so glad I did not wasted the ingredients.

I will try to make the cream myself next time.

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