Food in England

This is a post where I share any bargain / Chinese food / interesting food I come across in England.  To be updated every so often


1.  Potatoes, 29p for this big bag 2.5kg
Purchased from Tesco on 28 Dec 2020.

Chinese food:

1. 菠蘿包 Pineapple bun
Purchased from a Chinese Supermarket called Retour on 29 December 2020.

2.  Siu Mai
Purchased from Waitrose, Trumpington

3.  Chicken bun
Purchased from Waitrose.

4. Peiking duck
Purchased from Waitrose
(Although it says crispy duck, I accidentally made it into soft texture by pouring the Hoi Sin sauce over the duck to cook it)
5.  Saw these from Asda on 26 February 2021

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