Printable – Bilingual (English and Traditional Chinese)  Daily Visual Schedule for Kids

This chart is adorable and colorful, and the perfect way to make your child’s daily task list much more visual and interactive.

Children of all ages and abilities need direction and reminding of their expectations and this will act as that daily reminder.

Why mine?
There are tons of visual routine schedules on the internet where you can buy or download for free. But there is very little with both English and Chinese and in particular Traditional Chinese. Because it is a schedule, your kid will need to check on it every so often during the day, hence they will be able to recognise and learn the words without realising it.

Includes 3 PDFs:

1) 24 cards

2) 2 x Blank schedules (1 main and another 1 as an extension where you can print as many as you need to fit the tasks)

3) 1 x Blank digital time and clock faces

Available to download for >>>>>>> free <<<<<<< during this pandemic.

I have also made a bigger full version of this set with over 90 cards which can be purchased from my Etsy Shop .


There are two ways to assemble it:

1. Laminate the cards, blank schedules, and the clock face cards. Attach with velcro / magnets.

2. If you do not have laminator you can place the cards into these plastic card pouches shown in the picture below.

📢Please note:
All printable is designed and created by myself 🙂 . It took me tremendous time and effort to make them. Please do not claim, modify, or redistribute it as your own. Feel free to link to this page but not to the download or image itself, if you would like to share downloads or ideas. All shares are appreciated. Thank you for respecting these guidelines.

4 Comments on “Printable – Bilingual (English and Traditional Chinese)  Daily Visual Schedule for Kids

  1. Hi, I am interested in your bilingual visual schedule, could you contact me please, thanks.

  2. Interesting, how can I downloaded or print them out. Do you sell the leminate versions? I can Venmo or PayPal

    • Hi Monique, please scroll down a bit further on the webpage before I talk about how to assemble the cards.

      I do sell the laminated version. But I am now living in the UK so the postage fee would be a bit expensive. Plus the time it takes to arrive to HK would be quite long due to Covid 19. I will email you the price. Thank you.

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