Bewilderwood at Norfolk, U.K.

This was Day 2 of our Norfolk trip Summer 2021.

We were at BeWILDerwood . I have always wanted to take J here because it is the sort of play areas that he likes.

We arrived at 10am which was when it opened, there was a long queue of exciting children and parents waiting to get in.

I only managed to take pictures , no videos, because I had to climb with J and since I am not skilful I had to use both hands to hold onto things, and I did not want to drop my phone from the treehouses and bridges.

First we walked through the “Treacherous Trail”. J was very excited already.

The Boggle Village.

Love this sign post.

First we went to watch the puppet story telling show.

Then we went to “The Towering Treetop Tangles”. It was so fun. There were many obstacles to go through, which were all big enough for adults. Many parents went up with their kids. We did too.

These are some of the obstacles.

Next we went to the “Sky Maze”. Again it was big enough for adults to go too. Me and Mr. B went with J, going up and down and round this way and that way, to search for all the feathers to find out the secret in the Sky Maze.

“Tricky Tunnels” was next. I went up with J.

“Bewilderville” was also fun. I went up with J too.

We LOVE the “Broken Bridge”!

We rode on the BeWiderBoat. This was the only activity that we need to queue up.

The “Twiggle Village”.

Love this!

We arrived at 10am and stayed until it closes at 5pm. The whole family loved it. Mr. B liked it very much because he liked the idea that adults can also play together.

For dinner we went to Rocky Bottoms which was recommended by my friend.

I searched the place beforehand and knew that it closes at 6:30 pm (it was a Friday when we visited). We made sure we arrived on time. Glad to have made it. The seafood platter we ordered was delicious and fresh. I never liked oysters when I was little, and never tried it since then. Today I was feeling brave and tried one and I loved it.

The seafood platter was Ā£65 for 2 people. This was mine. Mr. B had the same portion. I ordered a simple tomato pasta for J.


BeWILDerwood Norfolk

Address: Horning Road, Hoveton, Norwich NR12 8JW

Tel: 01692 633033


Many useful information (including where to eat and stay, park map etc.) can be found in this page:

Car park: Plenty of free parking spaces available on site

Toilets: Plenty of clean toilets.


Lunch: We ate in the restaurant at BeWILDerwood . Food was ok. It was very busy when we went there (summer holiday) so we had to wait for a while to get a picnic table.

Dinner: Rocky Bottoms

Address: Cromer Road, West Runton, NR27 9QA


Opening hours: Please check their website for the most updated info They do close quite early. At the time we visited they do not take reservations so plan ahead.

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