New Product – Chinese Word Learning Card Game

As always, I try to make learning fun and enjoyable.  Since we have moved to England I focus on teaching J Chinese. He has a good foundation of the language because he studied in a Chinese Kindergarten for three years, and then in a primary school briefly for two months, when we were in Hong Kong.  I would like him to carry on learning the language here. We are using traditional methods for example, reading text books, doing workbooks, and dictation to learn to write the characters.  I am also constantly thinking of fun ways to make his learning more engaging and enjoyable.

Recently I created a card game for him to learn Chinese words.  One of the very first question I asked myself when I have this game idea was which words to choose?  I did not want to randomly choose some words that I think are important.  So I searched online and found a comprehensive list of Chinese words for Hong Kong primary school age kids.  It was a research project funded by Quality Education Fund.  In the website ( you can sort the words into different categories at different level.  So the cards I made in this set is “Volume 1” and has the first 100 most commonly used Chinese characters in Primary 1 (Hong Kong school) level based on the website.

Objective of the game: Read as many words on the card as you know to earn points.

How to play:

Product description:

The learning cards

Each card has five sections. The word to learn is on the top. The next two sections are the “number of strokes” and “radical”. This information is very important …….  Followed by a section of “詞語” with two examples, and then a section of sentence “句子” .  Kids should come across most of the words that I chose for the last two sections “詞語” and “句子”. Some are harder to challenge the kids , some have longer sentences so they can earn more points. My son feels so proud when he can read a long sentence without help. 

The score sheet

A simple score sheet to record the number of words the player can read. In this pack I have created different patterns you can download whichever you like.

The Chinese character recording sheet

This is to record the Chinese words that the player does not know how to read. For example when my son reads the sentence “我有一雙手” and he doesn’t know how to read the word “雙”, he can write it down on the recording sheet.  After the game we would go over those words a few times to practice. On the next game, I would have the recording sheet near me and be able to check specifically on those words when we play.


The word in focus will appear 4 times on each card.  As the player reads the card, he or she is also reading and learning other words on that card in the “詞語”  and “句子”  sections so to earn the points. So as you can see, my game encourages the player to learn many words.

You can purchase this from my Etsy Shop .

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