Summer Norfolk Trip 2022 – Happy Valley Norfolk Venue & Glamping Retreat 

Finding where to stay for our Summer Norfolk Trip was the hardest part for the whole trip planning. It took me a long time to find the right one. I wanted to find somewhere more special than an ordinary hotel or B&B or holiday homes e.g. cottages. During my search I found out I quite like the idea of treehouses and/or glamping! More of a nature theme. After a good number of days of searching I found these cute little cabins in Happy Valley Norfolk Venue & Glamping Retreat . It offers a range of accommodations. I had my eyes on the Woodpecker because it can sleep up to 4 people (2 adults and 2 kids). Others are either too big and out of my budgets, or the toilets & bathrooms are not in the same living space and require a short walk (it’s just us, we don’t really fancy going outside to go to the toilets in the middle of the night). I then read through many reviews and they are all positives. I also showed pictures to J and see if he liked it. When he saw the build-in bunk bed he was super excited. So I decided to go for Happy Valley.

Booking was easy. I booked through their official website. I clicked on Woodpecker and it showed me a calendar of availabilities. I was very lucky to see it was available in August (it’s our wedding anniversary to be precise). I selected the dates and made my payment. Later on that day I received an email from the host with a 13-page long PDF full of very useful info e.g. walking/cycling trails, where to eat, what to do and see, and most importantly nearby hospital just in case of emergency.


We typed in “Happy Valley Norfolk Venue & Glamping Retreat” on Google Map and followed the directions. It was easy to find it and there was no tricky parts in the road journey. We love the two white horses just opposite the road.

We arrived at around 4pm. Parked our car in front of the cabin to unload our luggages. There was no official “check-in” procedure like what you do with hotels etc. The key was left at the keyhole. After unloading I parked my car at the car park which was like 1 minute walk back to the cabin so was very convenient.

The cabin was really nice. Exactly as advertised on their official website. It was clean and tidy, with beautiful wooden furniture. I love how the natural light blends into the living space. Comfortable and warm Nordic feeling. J was particularly excited, busy exploring the room and every corner.

(Click on the pictures to see descriptions)

J chilling outside:


Again there was no official “check-out” procedure. We followed the instructions stated in the PDF, placing all the towels and bed liners into the laundry bag provided, and leave the key in the keyhole. Super easy and simple.


The 13-page PDF has some very clear instructions on things like how to heat up the outdoor hot tub and what to do when we check out and leave the site. There was really no need to meet the hosts and we were ok with that. But that doesn’t mean you cannot ask for help. On our first day we couldn’t turn on the shower so we called and texted the emergency number provided. It was past 8:30pm. We got replies within minutes and someone also came to check on us.

What I really like about the accommodation:

  • The cabin has all the essentials which make packing so much easier! Say for example, the kitchen. Not only it has the basic stuff e.g. cutlery, pans and pots, cooking oil etc (there is a full list of things clearly stated in the 13-page PDF), it also has things like sponge, tea towel, kitchen paper. There is a selection of knives to use. There is also a selection of mugs and wine glasses. All these things are very thoughtful. The bulky pillows and duvets were provided so save lots of space in my small car. Bath towels and bed liners all provided so less washing for me to do when I get back home.
  • I love looking out of the windows and see lovely green areas. Open the front door and I can step into the nature and surrounded by tall trees.
  • The fact that the cabin is not attached to other rooms or building is a bonus especially with kids.
  • The area was very quiet at night time, which is very important for me as I am a light sleeper. During our 3 nights stay we were all able to sleep very well.

Will I recommend it?

Yes definitely. Although their social media posts are mainly wedding-related, but after staying in Woodpecker I must say it is also very family-friendly. There is a build-in bunk bed so if you have two kids they don’t need to share a bed; they can each sleep comfortably. There is a high chair. There are also some children’s book in the little book basket. Outside there is a small play equipment set.

There are also a number of beaches nearby so make it ideal for a family mini getaway.

(Click on the pictures to see descriptions)

I made sure I leave enough time for myself to take a stroll around the woodland in Happy Valley with my family and my Canon 5D.

(Click on the pictures to see descriptions)

Different types of accommodations.

(I did not take pictures of the Keeper’s Cabin as there were people living in there. I also did not take picture of the Toad Hall as it is on the opposite side of the road).

The surroundings is just magical.

Happy Valley Norfolk Venue & Glamping Retreat

Address: Washpit Farm, Happy Valley, Massingham Road, Norfolk PE32 1DN England

Telephone: 01485 570384


Email: (for glamping)

Car parks: Free on site car park.

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