National Trust Playing Cards

During our stay at Happy Valley in the summer holiday this year J read a book (one of the many books provided by the host) about playing cards. We never introduced it to him. But he was interested in the games after reading the book.

A few days ago I took him to Ickworth . In the gift shop I found some really nice playing cards from National Trust, of which coincidently, were on discount promotion. From £5 to £3.50 . Each card features some of the National Trust properties including castles and gardens with labels on them. It’s something that I thought would be worth buying. So I bought a set home.

Today I invited J to play some games with me using those cards. I am not a huge fan of playing cards, and did not know many games. So we searched on the internet for some ideas. We came across a website called We Have Kids and it listed out some games with easy to read instructions and videos. So we tried “Cheat” and “Old maid”. It was really fun, and J really enjoyed it.

Which playing card games do you like playing with your kids?

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