My recent dining set purchase for my new Garden House

I have always wanted a dining set with benches. I think they look chic and stylish. Our Garden House has finally completed and we are planning to have an extra dining table in one of the corners as J’s art and craft table / dining area . I discussed with Mr. B and he agreed to have it. So I searched online for quite a while, and found a set that has all the boxes ticked – 1) within my budget, 2) the correct size, 3) beautiful light wooden colour. It’s from an online furniture shop called Oak Furniture Superstore .

We received the product as scheduled. Good!

Mr. B opened the cardboard boxes with the benches and assembled them 1st. They had no problems.

Then he did the table. He opened the cardboard box and found out this on the bottom side of the table:

The grey cloth ropes were used to secure a smaller cardboard box with the table parts in it. What we found surprise was the use of staples on the table! Without physically removing these staples we knew already that they are going to cause damages to our table! Well we had no other choice but to take them off or we’ll leave several staples behind (is that what the company wanted us to do?!). It was very hard for Mr. B to take these staples off as he worried that it would cause further damage. He carefully removed them and as expected, there were now some dents on the table:

We never seen anything like this before. We were scratching our heads. Who would actually staple the boxes in such ways that cause damage to their own products?! It’s ridiculous! There must be some better ways to secure the boxes and not damage your own product!

Mr. B assembled the legs to the table and we turned it over, only to find more surprises:

On the surface of the table there’s a circular dent with a bit of broken chipped surface, and further away a rectangular dent (luckily without chipped surface).

So Oak Furniture Superstore not only have stupid ways to secure their boxes by damaging their own product, the quality control is also very bad.

I am not satisfy at all. Very disappointing.

So I reported all these to their Customer Service. The people there were very nice and polite. They offered a cash compensation. But I would still not recommend this company to my friends because it’s just ridiculous to have such damages.

However, ignoring these damages, the table set does look nice in our Garden House:

The benches can fit under the table so save a lot of space when not in use. The surface of the table top and benches is smooth to touch. The legs are sturdy. I just wish their quality control is up to standard.

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