My Art and Crafts corner set up in our Garden House Feb 2023

So after waiting for different parties to complete their works, our Garden House is finally completed. I bought a set of small dining table & benches (which I have always wanted a set) and has finally arrived (around 2 months wait) a few days ago, and Mr B assembled them.

Today we were officially using this room as a family. I homeschooled J here in the morning. Then me, J, and Mr. B were playing Minecraft board game in here in the afternoon.

It was cloudy today but the room was still nice and bright. I love it.

This is our Art and Crafts corner.

Swipe the picture to see the descriptions.

Prices below are from March 2023.

  • Art and Craft cabinet from Ikea Hauga (£179). J always wanted to display his art works and lego etc so I wanted a cabinet that has spaces for that plus an enclosed area to put miscellaneous art and crafts materials e.g. foam stickers, popsicles, sequins etc. Ikea Hauga is perfect for my purpose. The size and colour is exactly what I want. (A similar choice from Ikea would be Havsta which is slightly larger but it’s much more expensive £329)
  • Art and Crafts trolley was purchased from Hong Kong. I couldn’t remember from which shop. This is where I put all the different types of paints and drawing pens e.g. crayons and felt tips and chalks etc. I also collected some small containers e.g. clean yogurt pots as paint pots
  • The Ikea Sprutt white duck container was purchased from Ikea Hong Kong a long time ago. I put J’s favourite cubed foams (packaging materials for protection) and pom pom. He loved to play with them when he was a toddler.
  • The dining table and benches were from Oak Furniture Superstore . I wrote a review on them in this blog post .

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