Easter 2023 Liverpool Trip – Day 1

For this Easter we went to Liverpool mainly to visit Knowsley Safari Park (because it is advertised as the longest road Safari in the U.K.) and Anfield Football stadium (J is a big fan of the football team).

My Easter 2023 Liverpool trip overall plan:

Day 1 Getting to know around the area we are staying

Day 2 Knowsley Safari Park

Day 3 AM Anfield Football Stadium Tour

Day 3 PM Quirky Quarter

Day 4 AM Museum of Liverpool and Lego shop

We spent the whole morning driving from Cambridge to Liverpool. We stopped at Corley Welcome Break for a small lunch and stretched our legs.

I did not plan to see any attractions today as I was not sure how we would feel after all the driving and did not rush to go to places. So today was just driving and little strolls around the area.

We first went to our hotel The Resident (more on that in my other post) . We took a brief rest in the room, then went out for a quick bite as tea.

Before the trip I did some searches and found a few coffee shops nearby just in case. Just 2 streets away from our hotel there are plenty of food places. We went to Bold Street Coffee as there were many positive reviews. Me and J shared a Bacon Buoy, and Mr B had a Tuna Mayo Butty. Both were super yummy. Freshly made. Coffee was very nice too. The gentleman who served us at the till was very polite. The place was busy when we visited (around 4pm Sunday) but still able to get a bench by ourselves. We saw a notice saying there are more seats up(or down?)stairs. You can see their menu here .

After that, we went to Bonbon Bakery that I looked up online. It sells traditional Chinese buns e.g. Cha Siu Bao, Pineapple bun etc… We were going to get some as breakfast for the next couple of days while we are in Liverpool. But when we found the shop it was closed!! There was a notice at the gate saying they are closed and will be opened again in May! So disappointing!

So quickly googled and see if any other places also sell Chinese buns. Found a Chinese supermarket (Chung Wan Supermarket) that sells the kind of buns we would like to have, and it is close to where we were, within walking distance. So we went there.

We passed through China Town. It was very quiet, unlike London China Town. Almost all the shops are restaurants. But only one or two were opened (we visited on a Sunday afternoon).

It is a medium sized Chinese supermarket, but did not have the kind of buns we want! Oh well! Bad luck!! We ended up buying some noodles and biscuits instead.

We went back to hotel to drop our shopping off and headed out for dinner.

I booked a table at Madre in Albert Dock. I thought it would be fun to try Mexican Taco. There are only 2 dishes on the menu that was not spicy, the chicken and fish taco (Mr B and J do not like spicy food). So we ordered just these 2 although it recommends 2-3 to share.

When the dishes arrived they were small. The chicken one was still too spicy for J. He managed to finish 1 fish after I got away as much raw red onion as possible.

To me, both tacos were yummy and were freshly made, and it was great to try out something that we don’t usually eat. The waitresses were nice and polite. I asked for advices on what dishes are suitable for us and the lady explained to us very clearly. The restaurant was colourfully decorated with not too loud music.

After we finished Mr B was still a bit hungry, and we did not think J have enough food too. So we decided to see if there’s any nice places for desserts. After consulting Mr. Google, we found out that Heavenly Dessert was just opposite the road! So we went there.

Liverpool at 6:45pm.

Mr. B had waffles with pistachio and J had Biscoff biscuits. We were joking and said THIS is our main course. The taco was the appetiser.

On the way back to hotel we went pass a large Shopping area called Liverpool ONE. There was a few staircases with artificial grass for people to sit and rest.

We also met Rabbitey’s granny (J has 3 Jelly Beans’ bunnies and he called them Rabbiteys . It was our first time to see this gigantic size, so J called this one Rabbitey’s granny).


Tea (late lunch):

Bold Street Coffee

Address: 89 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4HF England

Website: https://www.boldstreetcoffee.co.uk/bold-street-liverpool/

Car park: No on site car park. I parked mine at Q-Park at Hanover Street (recommended by the hotel we were staying – The Resident). I think there are a few car parks nearby. Better check on Google.



Address: Unit 6, Atlantic Pavilion
Liverpool, L3 4AE England

Tel: 0151 7098035

Website: https://www.thisismadre.co.uk

Car park: No on site car park. I parked mine at Q-Park at Hanover Street (recommended by the hotel we were staying – The Resident). I think there are a few car parks nearby. You can ask the restaurant for advice.

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