Easter 2023 Liverpool Trip – Day 4 Museum of Liverpool

I did not plan much on our last day of our Liverpool trip as I did not want to go back to Cambridge in the dark (too many potholes on the motorways).

So my fairly relaxed plan:

AM: Museum of Liverpool

Lunch: any restaurant in the city centre

PM: Lego shop (to get the free Easter bunny gift)

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When did we visit:

We visited on a Wednesday in early April. It was raining and windy in the morning, but being an indoor museum like most museums are, the rain did not affect our visit. There was not a lot of people when we were there when they just opened their door. But as time went by there were more and more people, but still not crowded. We were able to see the exhibits without being blocked by other visitors.

What age is it best for:

From toddlers to adults. There is a wide range of exhibits divided into different section covering from pre-historic to modern days, from Sports to Musics to Architectures, and many more. So there is bound to be something that interest you and your family.

There is a section called Little Liverpool which is designed for kids under 6. J was 9 at the time we visited so we did not go. You can find out more by going to their website .

Primary school aged kids and above can enjoy some of the interactive activities for example:

  • There is a section in the Sports area with an interactive map of the towns and cities near Liverpool, with buttons corresponding to a range of sports, and you can press them to show which areas are famous for that type of sports.
  • Use the magnetic word tiles to build your own three-line poem or short story.
  • Try your luck and see which racehorse arrives to the Finish Line first in the Horseracing section (although the turning handle for one of the horses did not really work).
  • J also enjoyed playing the video games.

Older kids and adults might be interested in watching video clips of a solider describing his feelings during the war.

For music lovers, they can sit down and listen to some songs.

And many more…

How long we spent at the venue?

We arrived at 10am and left at 12:30pm. We took our time to enjoy most of the exhibits.

What else are there to see or do?

None. There were no talks etc on the day we visited.

Things that definitely worth to play or do:

I found the part about the history of Liverpool interesting as I did not know much about the city. I especially love the video where it shows picture of some places taken in the olden days and compare them with now and you can see how the streets and buildings have changed.

The display model of the Liverpool’s Catholic Cathedral is amazing.

Things that we did not visit/play:


No not really. Almost all the interactive activities were in good working order. All sections in the museum were opened.

Easy to navigate?

We found it easy to navigate because the different exhibition halls are close to each other so did not have to walk far. The halls are clearly defined with easy to read signs. 

In case of rain:

Being an indoor museum meaning it would not be affected by the weather.

How was the toilet?

Female toilets were at acceptable cleanliness.

How about the food?

We did not have any food in the museum cafe so cannot comment on that (I planned to have something more special in the city centre rather than a cafe in a museum as our last meal of the trip).

Any extra charges once I’m there?

No, I don’t remember any activities that requires extra charges.

Other things you need to know before you go:


Will I recommend it as a family attraction?

Yes I would recommend Museum of Liverpool as a family attraction because it has everything for different age groups.

One thing I like about this museum is the types of exhibits. There are real life items (e.g. footballs, clothing, musical instruments…), paper materials (e.g. posters, certificates etc…), models (e.g. the gigantic model of Liverpool’s Catholic Cathedral). So we were not just reading plaques after plaques about the exhibits, which would not be appealing for kids. The exhibits are colourful and not dull. Many of the items were everyday things that kids see or they’ve heard about them, so attracts their attentions to learn more by reading the descriptions.

As I mention above, there is a good range of interactive activities for kids (and adults) so to keep them interested and engaged while learning about Liverpool. You can find out more info on family visits here .

Here are some pictures of the day and descriptions.

About Sports in Liverpool.

Arts, films, and music.

Life in the olden days of Liverpool.

I particularly love this little section about Liverpool accent and expression because I am very interest in English pronunciation and accent. Me and J studied all of them and had so much fun exploring.

I also like this section about court homes in the Victorian period. It is a full scale reconstruction of a Liverpool court scene, displaying some court home models and telling us the life of people lived there.

About architectures and buildings.



After our museum visit, we went for lunch at Byron .

Food was super yummy. We had burgers and milkshakes. Great service. Clean environment and toilet.

After that we went to Lego shop to get the free Easter bunny lego. The shop was packed with people. No clear instructions as to how to queue up for building the Easter bunny, or any announcements that the activity was starting, although we were in the shop since 1:45pm, 15 mins before their official starting time. Absolutely chaos!

Museum of Liverpool


Pier Head, Liverpool, L3 1DG, England

Website: https://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/museum-of-liverpool

Opening hours: 10am – 5:30pm, Tuesday to Sunday.

They are closed on Mondays except bank holidays and school holidays (please check before you go)

Car parks: No free on site car park.

There are paid car parks in the nearby Liverpool One complex opposite the entrance to the Royal Albert Dock. We parked our car at Q Park Hanover Street which was recommended by the hotel we were staying (The Resident) because the car park gives a discount to the hotel’s customers. I will write more about it on my upcoming post.

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