Fun way to learn addition

This is a simple and super fun way to practice addition with J and his K2 friends in our playdates.

It is very easy to set up, you would need:

  • Some toy blocks
  • A ping pong ball (or any small ball)
  • Some paper to label the numbers
  • A whiteboard / paper to record the result

How to set up:
I use the toy blocks to build five “tunnels” and label them with numbers 1-5. I also build two “barriers” so to trap the ball from going everywhere.

How to play:
Each kid is given a ping pong ball and he/she can blow (or push) the ball into the tunnel 2 times. I record the numbers on the white board, and ask them to add the scores together.

The kids absolutely love the game. They love to blow the ball into the tunnels, and they are so eager to calculate their scores to see who wins at the end.

It is a great game to play with friends or families in playdate , gathering, and birthday party.

Variations :

  • Label the tunnels with bigger numbers for a more advanced Maths game
  • For preschoolers, set up the same game with the same numbers 1-5 (or 6-10), but instead of playing the addition game, they can just call out the number to practice number recognition.

Learning is fun and inexpensive.

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