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We have a dining table!

The house we rented is unfurnished. Since we moved in we have been sitting on the floor (J sits on the suitcases) to have to have our meals. Today Ikea delivered the furniture we bought online. Mr. B assembled the dining table and the… Continue Reading “We have a dining table!”

Our cargo from Santa Fe finally received

Our 110+ cargo from Santa Fe arrived today. Lots to unpack. I will take it slowing.

Simple Set Up – Alphabet letter tiles and bottle lids match up busy bag

#playwithpackagingmaterials Another super simple alphabet learning activity that you can make within minutes. Only need 3 equipment : a marker pen, bottle lids, and some cardboard boxes from packaging materials. You can make one set to match uppercase letters and another set for lowercase.… Continue Reading “Simple Set Up – Alphabet letter tiles and bottle lids match up busy bag”

J’s Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony

It’s J graduation ceremony today. It was very hot. We arrived very early. J followed the teachers into the venue to get changed and rehearsal. The parents got seated in the hall. The kids first entered the venue for a group singing. Next, it… Continue Reading “J’s Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony”

PRINTABLE – Bilingual (Traditional Chinese and English) Restaurant Pretend Play

I would like to share with you my latest printable that I designed and created for my son. It is a restaurant pretend play printable. It has a wide variety of food and drinks with both English and Chinese words. Each item has a… Continue Reading “PRINTABLE – Bilingual (Traditional Chinese and English) Restaurant Pretend Play”

Printable – Post Office Dramatic Play

A few days ago I set up a Post Office dramatic play for the kids in my playgroup. I then also designed this to go with the play. The kids loved it. They can easily recognise the pictures and link them to the words.… Continue Reading “Printable – Post Office Dramatic Play”

Interview by Nika Kai Travel

Updated on March 2023. Tania’s website no longer accessible so I posted my interview here. Hi dear tell us a little about yourself where did you grow up and study?  I was born in Hong Kong and moved to England when I was 11.… Continue Reading “Interview by Nika Kai Travel”

Pak Fuk Road Safety Town (North point)

Pak Fuk Road Safety Town