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Ping Shek Playground (Dinosaur Playground)

We visited the “Dinosaur” playground today 😁 Love the theme, more special than the ones we have been before. J had so much fun. He said he is not scared of the dino because these were made from stones. He also loved the castle… Continue Reading “Ping Shek Playground (Dinosaur Playground)”

Organic Farm

Jordan Valley Park

The weather today is warmer and we went to the very popular Jordan Valley Park. We absolutely love it.  Lots of HUGE green areas for picnic.  Very nice running tracks, which J insisted to run after a guy who I was pretty sure is… Continue Reading “Jordan Valley Park”

Yacht carnival

We went to a yacht festival. It was our first time to get a close look at the different sailboats and yachts. There were many things to see.

Pak Fuk Road Safety Town (North point)

Pak Fuk Road Safety Town