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Hobbledown, Epsom, U.K.

Today we are at Hobbledown, Epson, England. At the entrance there is a big bubble machine, making bubbles all the time. All the kids loved it. Just outside the restaurant there is an open space with different activities going on at different times of… Continue Reading “Hobbledown, Epsom, U.K.”

Mudchute Park and Farm, London, U.K.

We visited Mudchute Park and Farm today. It is one of the London farms and it’s only 15 minute drive from our house. We enjoyed it a lot and were very excited to see the animals. We first had lunch at Mudchute Kitchen, a… Continue Reading “Mudchute Park and Farm, London, U.K.”

William Den

Today we are at William Den. It was raining quite heavily when we arrived. My parents were worried but I told them there is an indoor play area too. We first went to have lunch at their restaurant. I ordered a pizza to share… Continue Reading “William Den”

Lamma Island

What a lovely day to visit Lamma Island. We had a yummy lunch at a cafe. Then we walked around the village and hiked for a while. I wanted to take J to see the windmill up the mountain but there was not enough… Continue Reading “Lamma Island”

An overview of Playright Children’s Play Association activities in May 2019

I am so excited to see more events from Playright Children’s Play Association. They emphasis the importance of free play in children. We went to their events several times and J enjoyed them a lot. We went to some of their previous events. Victoria… Continue Reading “An overview of Playright Children’s Play Association activities in May 2019”

KMB Road Safety Carnival 2019

Today we went to the KMB Road Safety Carnival in Tsim Sha Tsiu. J was very excited to ride on the mini electric bus. We did not have to queue up for a very long time, probably because the weather was not very good… Continue Reading “KMB Road Safety Carnival 2019”

Quarry Bay Playground

This is my third post on our mini day trip from Kwun Tong Sensory Garden and the Promenade (A) –> Ferry to Sai Wan Ho (B) –> Quarry Bay Playground (C).   It took about 15mins walk from the Sai Wan Ho Pier (see previous… Continue Reading “Quarry Bay Playground”

Sai Wan Ho ferry ride

After we visited the Kwun Tong Promenade (A) as described in my last post, we headed to the Pier to take a ferry to Sai Wan Ho (B). The ride was around 10 minutes. We enjoyed it a lot. After we got off the… Continue Reading “Sai Wan Ho ferry ride”

Kwun Tong Promenade and Sensory Garden

J is on Easter holiday this week. We planned our mini day trip for today: Kwun Tong Sensory Garden and the Promenade (A) –> Ferry to Sai Wan Ho (B) –> Quarry Bay Playground (C). The Sensory Garden (a mini playground) in Kwun Tong… Continue Reading “Kwun Tong Promenade and Sensory Garden”

Tong Ming Street Park

Tong Ming Street Park is one of the parks that we always go in our area. It has two medium sized playgrounds, one for above 5 years old, one for below 5. The play facilities are fairly new, and the park area is very… Continue Reading “Tong Ming Street Park”