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Nature fun in Cambridge, England

Since we moved to Cambridge and settled, we have been going to our nearby woods a lot. During term time, we go there almost every weekend. During this Easter holiday, we do home learning in the mornings, and go out to the woods in… Continue Reading “Nature fun in Cambridge, England”

More on Bilingual Visual Schedule Chart

When I designed it I didn’t know it would worked THAT well on J. A few days ago, I added a section of “Don’t Forget”, “Well done” and “Responsibilities” next to his Daily Visual Schedule . This new section acts like a reminder for… Continue Reading “More on Bilingual Visual Schedule Chart”

Using laminating pouches to learn Traditional Chinese characters

I teach J Chinese at home. I noticed his writing has became much clearer and neater. One thing that he is struggling is remembering how to write the Chinese characters of the more advanced ones. So I thought of an idea to help him… Continue Reading “Using laminating pouches to learn Traditional Chinese characters”

Printable – Bilingual (English and Traditional Chinese)  Daily Visual Schedule for Kids

This chart is adorable and colorful, and the perfect way to make your child’s daily task list much more visual and interactive. Children of all ages and abilities need direction and reminding of their expectations and this will act as that daily reminder. Why… Continue Reading “Printable – Bilingual (English and Traditional Chinese)  Daily Visual Schedule for Kids”

Food in England

Chinese food: 1. 菠蘿包 Pineapple bunPurchased from a Chinese Supermarket called Retour on 29 December 2020. 2.  Siu MaiPurchased from Waitrose, Trumpington 3.  Chicken bunPurchased from Waitrose. 4. Peiking duckPurchased from Waitrose(Although it says crispy duck, I accidentally made it into soft texture by… Continue Reading “Food in England”

Sneak peek – Bilingual visual routine schedule printable

Coming soon for FREE! Bilingual visual routine schedule for kids. Why mine? There are tons of visual routine schedules on the internet where you can buy or download for free. But there are very little with both English and Chinese and in particular Traditional… Continue Reading “Sneak peek – Bilingual visual routine schedule printable”

Surprise finding in the wood

It’s WEEKEND!There is a small wood area next to where we live. We went out to the wood to explore and look at what J found! He found several dens which were made by other people. He was so excited. It was a lovely… Continue Reading “Surprise finding in the wood”

Book recommendation – The Quest for the Crystal

It is half term in England. We do lessons from Oak National Academy everyday. We also have more time to read. J is reading The Quest for the Crystals again . It is a game book where you (the reader) can choose how the… Continue Reading “Book recommendation – The Quest for the Crystal”

Virtual lessons – Oak National Academy

Apart from the school videos as J’s standard virtual lessons at home, some of the parents from his school also recommend Oak National Academy , so a few days ago I watched some of their videos first before letting J to watch them, and… Continue Reading “Virtual lessons – Oak National Academy”

Not-so-perfect Banoffee Pie

I love banoffee pie very much. I could not find one in the supermarkets. I have not tried the local bakeries yet. One day it came to my mind that maybe I could make one myself. I found a very simple recipe online. I… Continue Reading “Not-so-perfect Banoffee Pie”